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Totalfit is a functional fitness gym serving Brighton and Hove, conveniently located on New England Street near Brighton Station. We specialise in small group classes and personal training, providing everything from high intensity WODS (workouts of the day), to carefully coached olympic lifting and even nutrition coaching! We believe that physical fitness is only one part of optimal health, and we want our members to become stronger in every area of their lives. We use a highly effective Level Method tool in our programming, and regularly meet with our members to clearly set goals, celebrate achievements, and keep everyone progressing in their fitness journey. We take pride in the community we’re building, and would love for you to come join us!

Ben & Felicity Watson owners of Totalfit Brighton

Ben & Felicity Watson | OWNERS

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Ben Watson coach at Totalfit Brighton



Overcoming your self-doubt and bad habits can be a huge stumbling block to achieving your goals.
Ben specializes in helping individuals reach the highest level of fitness. No matter your starting point, if you are struggling to see improvements, Ben can help you.

A Qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach, Level 2 Totalfit Coach, Totalfit Instructor, RFU Rugby Coach. He has experience coaching Kayaking, Rugby and S&C at Sussex University, and set up ‘Totalfit Socotra’ in Yemen. Ben has also Trained coaches in China, Ethiopia and the UK.

Ben has always enjoyed challenging himself and pushing his body, mind and spirit. He ran his first half marathon at just 10 years old and began weight training at 15. At the age of 18 he cycled 13,500km from Egypt to South Africa. He is a keen competitor. Rowing at the National Schools competition and he was honored to captain the University of Sussex 1st XV Rugby team. He is now in pursuit of competing in Crossfit He has a massive passion for helping people reach new levels of performance whether in sports or athletic competition.

Felicity Watson coach at Totalfit Brighton



To release your full potential, you have to find what’s holding you back and then move beyond it. Whether that’s as small as your ankle mobility or as big as your belief in yourself. Often we need some help.

A Qualified Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, Level 1 Weightlifting Coach, Level 2 Totalfit Coach and Totalfit Instructor. Felicity has a wealth of experience in coaching individuals and groups to reach their goals. She also trains coaches around the world in the Totalfit methodology and is pioneering holistic postpartum recovery.

Felicity’s passion for fitness began as a desire to compete in sport. But realizing that competition wasn’t everything released her into a world of fitness that has enabled her to do more than she thought possible. Since then, she’s enjoyed a range of sports from rowing, rugby, and rope climbing to long distance hiking, running and Crossfit.

For Felicity, training has become about exploring what she is capable of; she is passionate about releasing that same potential in others, to enjoy life to the full.



Working out can often seem daunting, but as you get going you come to realise it can also be really fun. Suzi specialises in encouraging members to train hard, get results and have fun. Growing up by the coast, Suzi has always had a love of the outdoors, enjoying the rewards of an active lifestyle. As a teenager, running became a way to channel her competitive energy as well as being outside and she began competing with an athletic club in track and cross country. Following injury, she found her way into functional fitness training. Simply looking for a way to strengthen running accessory muscles, she was hooked. Varied, effective and done in the context of team, she has never looked back. Now a qualified Totalfit coach, she wants to help people discover that exercising is not a punishment but a privilege. We can move beyond the pressure to perform and celebrate the fact that we are able to train. She loves to cheer people on in group class contexts as strength, confidence and enjoyment grow from learning together.


BSc (Hons) ANutr Registered Associate Nutritionist

A registered nutritionist with clinical experience gained at NHS Hospitals; Stephanie can help manage conditions and improve your health in areas such as, but not limited to:

– Coeliac Disease
– Weight Management
– High cholesterol
– High blood pressure
– Diabetes
– Polycystic ovary syndrome
– Respiratory disease
– Specific diets

Stephanie specialises in weight management and behaviour change and has successfully enabled hundreds of clients to lose weight and keep it off, through building healthy habits. She strives to understand your individual lives and challenges, to empower you to make lasting change and achieve optimal health.

Stephanie has always enjoyed food, cooking, and fitness. She has competed nationally in figure skating, latin and ballroom dancing and enjoys training at TotalFit. When she is not dancing, she can be found adapting and creating recipes in the kitchen. Growing up Stephanie spent a lot of time visiting her grandparents in Cyprus where she developed a particular in interest in the Mediterranean Diet. Such was her interest, she went on to study the role of the Mediterranean Diet in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, obtaining a 1st in her thesis. Her love for food and culture has led her to explore different countries where she has observed how different lifestyles influence health.

Stephanie has worked with many people to improve their health including working in Kenya to support people to overcome medical conditions through diet and nutrition. With a passion for food and fitness, she has developed a keen interest in the role of nutrition in sports performance. Stephanie is ready to work with you to help reach your full health potential. If you would like to know if your diet is as optimal as possible or would like support to manage a health condition, contact Stephanie.



From all the way across the pond in Canada (and America), Larissa brings a diverse athletic background to the coaching team. From basketball, shot-put & discus in high school, lacrosse in her time at uni, and just loving a heavy lifting session, she has always enjoyed the strategy of how to maximise performance. Whether that is working more effectively in a team, or fine tuning skills as an individual, she doesn’t just want to do something well enough, she wants to do it right.

She has learned, though (mainly through her own management of over-self-competitiveness…) that sometimes the mindset of doing a workout ‘right’ doesn’t mean going as intensely as you can and beating your previous score. Sometimes it is winning the mental battle of focusing on form and enjoying the ability to move. Larissa wants every member to enjoy their time at the gym, and have their sessions set them up for success in the rest of their lives. Whatever the emphasis in your session, Larissa will be there to cheer you on, with a keen eye on your form – and a keen ear on the workout playlist!



When it comes to fitness, whether that’s with physical, mental or spiritual, Michael has always looked to challenge himself. Setting goals or aims for yourself is generally easier to do for your physical health, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t set goals for or mental or spiritual well-being.

Physically, Michael has always enjoyed a challenge. From bike touring across Europe to marathons; from Basketball to triathlon, he appreciates testing his body to see what he can achieve.

Michael has said before that he loves to upgrade his problems – you will always have issues in life, but learning how to improve the quality of those issues will lead to an improved existence. If you can make consistent, sustainable adaptations to your daily or weekly routine that allow you to improve your problems then you will see progress.

Coming into Totalfit, Michael saw the holistic, varied and inspiring approach to fitness – and he was in! Totalfit’s endeavour towards serving the community of Brighton and doing all it can to aid its members, not only physically but throughout their lives – that is what Michael is excited for.

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