Stronger muscles, stronger Bones: How weight training protects against Osteoporosis

Weight training, also known as strength training or resistance training, involves using weights or resistance bands to challenge and strengthen muscles. At Totalfit Brighton we do weight training in almost every single session, it’s a great way to exercise! And while weight training is often associated with building muscle mass, it also has significant benefits for bone health, particularly in older adults.

As we age, our bones gradually lose density and become more fragile, increasing the risk of fractures and osteoporosis. However, weight training can help slow down this process by putting stress on the bones and stimulating them to become stronger and denser – this is key to Totalfit’s idea of Optimal Health being a lifelong pursuit – and one that leads to a longer, better quality life.

When we perform weight-bearing exercises, such as squats or lunges, the muscles pull on the bones, creating tension and pressure. This pressure signals the body to increase bone density to better support the muscles. Over time, this leads to stronger, denser bones and a reduced risk of fractures.

Research has shown that weight training can increase bone density in older adults, particularly in the spine and hips, which are areas most commonly affected by osteoporosis. In fact, studies have found that weight training can increase bone density by up to 1-3% per year, which can have a significant impact on reducing the risk of fractures and improving overall bone health.

It’s important to note that weight training should be done safely and with proper form to avoid injury. It’s also important to consult with a healthcare professional before starting a weight training program, particularly if you have pre-existing medical conditions or concerns about your bone health. If you’d class yourself as being a bit older, and are new to weight training but want to give it a go, we recommend doing so either in a small group setting or one to one with a personal trainer where you can get intentional support and coaching as you take this step in your fitness journey.

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